Hi, I’m Julien, the founder of Marktisans and an expert consultant on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). I work as a solo optimizer with E-Commerce and SAAS companies of all size, from national ecommerce leaders to high-growth startups. As a general guideline, you should have traffic levels of a at least 50,000 UVs/month for ecommerce, 30,000 UVs/month for SAAS for us to consider working together (or impressive month-over-month growth below these levels).

The majority of my clients hire me to assist their marketing teams with specific CRO and A/B testing expertise, for a range of services, depending on their short-term business goals and long-term optimization strategy. All my missions are tailored to the exact needs of my clients, and my fees are based on the performance achieved, not on time spent. Apart from a few exceptions, I only work with marketing teams who have direct access to both technical and design resources to easily implement my recommendations.

If I manage your testing program, I work as a partner to you and your team, and my fees are 100%, purely, performance-based. They are based on how much revenue increase I actually deliver to your business, not on nice-sounding promises or “trust me, I’m an expert” statements.

You don’t pay me for the work I do. I work, I deliver revenue increases (or not, I fail sometimes), and then you pay me a share of this increase.

That way, no hours to log, no software fees to pass on to you, no wondering on your side if you are getting a fair deal or not. I come in with my tools, we set the goals, and I get to work to increase your revenue as much as I can, because every dollar you earn thanks to me is advancing my fee a little bit. We are completely aligned.

And because I respect your time, you won’t find any forms to fill in on this website. If you want to discuss more, just schedule a 30 mins call below, or shoot me an email at [email protected]



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Optimizely Platform Certified
Google Analytics Certification
Convert Experiments Certified Expert

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I treat the first 20 mins as a real consulting call and you can ask for my advice on any subjects that is of concern to you. We’ll use the last 10 mins to discuss if it would make sense to work together.

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Fees 100% Based on Results

My fees are based purely on how much I increase your revenue. You have no upfront costs, no fixed fees, and cannot have a net cost using my services: if I don’t deliver, my fees are zero.

Minimal Time Investment

I know you & your team are starved for time above all, so I treat your time preciously, and only ask you to give me some of it when absolutely necessary.

No Complex IT Work

I’m a licensed and experienced user of numerous optimization tools, and I bring those with me to work on your website. No cost on your side. Plus they are very easy and simple to install on your website.

Based on the Latest Science

I’m using the latest results and advances in conversion optimization to deliver clearly quantified results in a rigorous, scientific way. I don’t base my advice on my opinion, but only on your traffic data.