Hi, I’m Julien, the owner of Marktisans. I help Small & Medium Businesses increase their website’s efficiency in converting visitors into clients.

I work as a partner to you and your team, and my fees are 100%, purely, performance-based. They are based on how much revenue increase I actually deliver to your business, not on nice-sounding promises or “trust me, I’m an expert” statements.

You don’t pay me for the work I do. I work, I deliver revenue increases (or not, I fail sometimes), and then you pay me a share of this increase.

That way, no hours to log, no software fees to pass on to you, no wondering on your side if you are getting a fair deal or not. I come in with my tools, we set the goals, and I get to work to increase your revenue as much as I can, because every dollar you earn thanks to me is advancing my fee a little bit. We are completely aligned.

In terms of fees, I eat what I kill. If I don’t deliver results, I’m not paid. And yes, to work with no fixed fee, I am pretty confident in my expertise.

I made the transition from the corporate world to independent expert to spend more time with my family by working from home and avoiding the endless business travels I had to do before.

And I love bringing my deeply specific skills and expertise to SMBs who cannot have this skillset in-house. Think of me as a revenue mercenary that you hire and is paid based on his achievements.

That said, I may be a mercenary when it comes to improving your website, I’m certainly not one when it comes to accepting new clients. I take my responsibility very seriously and will not work if I think your business is unethical or what you offer is worthless to your clients.

And because I respect your time, you won’t find any forms to fill in on this website. If you want to discuss more, just schedule a 20 mins call, or shoot me an email at [email protected]


Current Workload and Projected Openings

Unless a scheduled project gets postponed or cancelled (I offer 100% flexibility to my clients), these are the earliest starting dates I am able to commit to. If you want to work with me and get your project on my schedule,with no commitment at all, just contact me and we’ll have a 20 mins call to define everything.

We need to complete a much shorter discovery phase before assessing the opportunity to move to an optimization phase, so please do contact me for the discovery phase even if I can’t start an optimization phase right now. It will get you on my optimization schedule much quicker! I do get projects postponed, so please let me know your interest so I can keep you updated if a spot opens up.


2 spots available now


No new clients until Sept. 1st 2014

I am certified on the following platforms

Optimizely Platform Certified
Convert Experiments Certified Expert

Fees 100% Based on Results

My fees are based purely on how much I increase your revenue. You have no upfront costs, no fixed fees, and cannot have a net cost using my services: if I don’t deliver, my fees are zero.

Minimal Time Investment

I know you & your team are starved for time above all, so I treat your time preciously, and only ask you to give me some of it when absolutely necessary.

No Complex IT Work

I’m a licensed and experienced user of numerous optimization tools, and I bring those with me to work on your website. No cost on your side. Plus they are very easy and simple to install on your website.

Based on the Latest Science

I’m using the latest results and advances in conversion optimization to deliver clearly quantified results in a rigorous, scientific way. I don’t base my advice on my opinion, but only on your traffic data.
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Schedule an initial 20 mins call to get my feedback on your needs

Zero commitment. Your time is precious, so I don't have you fill out lengthy contact forms. Just use this link to see my real-time availability and schedule an initial 20 mins call at the best time and date for you. Don't hesitate, worst case, you listen politely and never call me back :-)

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Specialties on a 100% Pay-for-Performance basis

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Pricing Strategy Optimization
  • Average Order Value Optimization
  • Adwords & Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Retarketing Campaigns

Free Services performed for each new client

My fees depend on your bottom-line increase, which in turn depends on the absence of issue in all the following areas. To ensure this, I audit them and provide suggestions on any minor issue encountered:

  • Google Analytics in-depth Review
  • Exploitation of your other Analytics Review
  • SEO Review and Audit
  • Content Marketing Strategy Review
  • Business Model Analysis & Review